Feedback from Alumni

"It was very interesting and informative. Totally enjoyed and learned a lot in a comfortable environment. The style and the knowledge of the presenters were totally amazing. Lectures in Number theory and Analysis were really helpful. I should really appreciate the effort of coordinators to make the sessions more interactive. Apart from the academic side, the facilities provided as a part of the camp were up to the mark. There was an excursion and other entertainment sessions which made the camp more interesting. It was a great opportunity to interact with participants from all over India who had same field of interest, Mathematics! "

Current Position: PhD student, Ariel University, Israel.

Navaneetha M R
III year B.Sc., (Maths)
St Alberts College, Ernakulam, Kerala

Kumar Akhil
IV year B.Tech.,
VIT University, Vellore
"Nurture-2016 was my first ‘mathematical’ workshop. More than a workshop, it was like a career turning point for me. Thanks to the organizer for reserving few seats to non-mathematical students. Being an engineering final year student then, I was not sure whether I should switch to sciences or not. I got clarity in many aspects after attending the workshop. I really liked the course content, activities, exercises and filter coffee"

Current Position: PhD scholar, University of Antwerp, Belgium

"It was a great learning experience for me. I found a new way of logical thinking about any type of mathematical problems, which helps me till now. With the respected profs and others TAs , I learnt lots of foundational thinking. I am always very thankful to all of them for giving me this opportunity."

Current Position: MTech, IISc, Bangalore

Saikat Mondal
III year B.Sc., (Maths)
St. Pauls Cathedral Mission College, Kolkata

Aayush Singha Roy
II year B.Sc., (Maths)
NIT Agartala, Tripura
"This workshop was of great help for me. It greatly helped me in abstract algebra, linear algebra, and real analysis. Basically understanding the proof and writing the proof of theorems became easy for me after this workshop. Previously I used to mug up the theorems. The art of writing proofs helped a lot and the understanding and formalization because later in writing papers on writing own proofs these basics made it a lot easier. And especially in linear algebra too because it helped me with the fundamentals of machine learning. So it was more of the base development these kinds of workshops helped in. I was motivated to pursue a research career in intersection of mathematics and computer science."

Current Position: PhD scholar, University College Dublin, Ireland.

"I learnt a lot from this workshop. It taught me how to think mathematics in different way. This workshop motivated me more to choose my career in this path. "

Current Position: M.Sc. (Maths), IIT Tirupati

Dhashna T Pillai
III year B.Sc., (Maths)
B K Birla college of Arts Commerce and Science, Kalyan West, Maharashtra

Praveen Kumar J
III year B.Sc., (Maths)
St. Josephs College Autonomous, Bangalore
"The workshop helped me ask the right questions to understand/approach a given concept/problem and made me independent. The workshop mainly focused on I think four aspects: Foundations of Math - I remember being able to construct proofs which I never did before, so the path to thinking constructively/axiomatically was laid out here. Linear Algebra - I was able to geometrically visualize the concepts, this is essential for Data Science, my current field. Analysis and Number Theory - was more of a revision for me as my basics were clear. Overall, I brought home a solid foundations in math. Also, the visit to Ramanujam's house was memorable!"

Current Position: Systems Engineer, Analytics & Insights, Tata Consultancy Services Bangalore

"Attending this workshop has made a drastic change in my career. Interactions with students from different places and wonderful mentors from resource persons have helped me to perceive mathematics differently. Two weeks of completely thinking and learning mathematics in this way have nurtured my mind to think and solve not only problems in mathematics but also in real life. In fact, this workshop has dug into my passion for Mathematics. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed all the lectures, activities, food, accommodation, etc. And finally, this is not an exaggeration, this workshop has made me who and where I am today. I am always grateful for such an opportunity."

Current Position: SRF, Central University of Tamil Nadu

Makeshwari M
II year IMSc (Maths)
Central University of Tamil Nadu

Priti Mahto
II year B.Sc., (Maths)
Gujarat Arts and Science College, Ahmedabad
"My overall experience with the nurture camp was very good and I enjoyed every part of it. The interactions with you and other resource persons were good. We also enjoyed the food and had very comfortable accommodation."

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Sigma institute of engineering, Baroda, Gujarat

"I was not the best student on the last day, but the motivation was seeded during the workshop. I learnt how to learn and understand. This workshop made me an independent learner. I wanted to thank you for all the help that was given to me during the workshop. That did help me a lot. I mainly learnt how to learn. I started truly understanding things in the textbooks. I keep remembering the camp and the classes. I was definitely a better student after the 21 days of this camp. Thank you for everything."

Current Position: PhD student, IIT Gandhinagar.

Guru Sharan N
II year B.Sc., (Maths)
Christ University, Bengaluru

Anshid Aboobacker
I year M.Sc., (Maths)
MES Mampad College Autonomous, Kerala
"The workshop helped me learn many new concepts, especially module theory. Also, two camps were happening together; it gave a lot of exposure to peers and faculties working in various institutes in different areas. Few people I met from there are my best friends now. It was one of the best workshops I attended."

Current Position: Ph.D. scholar, BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus

"My journey in mathematics had a turning point during those memorable days in summer school at the Central University of Tamil Nadu. My mathematical maturity and confidence are start built here. I strongly recommend Nurture to my juniors. Thanks for organizing summer schools; it benefits me a lot."

Current Position: Ph.D. scholar, IISER Mohali

Pravin Kumar V
III year B.Sc., (Maths)
Guru Nanak College, Chennai

Elanchearan R S.
III year B.Sc., (Maths)
St. Josephs College, Trichy.
"I got to learn basic concepts like Real Analysis, Linear Algebra in the camp. Some of the friends I made at that camp are still best friends mathemaictally and outside."

Current Position: Ph.D. scholar, IIT Madras

"I got a chance to interact with great professors and PG students across the country. I learned from them a lot. I got to know many research institutes and then research areas from respective institutes. I take this opportunity to thank everyone who motivated me to do research on Number Theory."

Current Position: Ph.D. scholar, IIITDM Kancheepuram

Sridhar T
I year M.Sc., (Maths)
Bharathidasan University, Trichy.

Minkikar Shashikant
II year B.Sc., (Maths)
Shivaji Mahavidyalaya, Udgir, Maharashtra
"The workshop is very nice, I learn lots of things and I Make friends, The Teachers are very nice, the living environment is best, learning experience is too good, Overall very nice program If I get Opportunity again then I will do it. Thanks"

Current Position: M.Sc. Statistics

"The workshop helped me in understanding and exploring mathematics and beyond. I was able to understand my interest area. Thank you for consideration,efforts and opportunity."

Current Position: Research Associate, Catalysts Management Services, Bengaluru

Rushikesh Biradar
II year B.A., (Maths)
Udayagiri Mahavidyalaya, Udgir, Maharashtra.

P. Vidhiyapradeepa
II year B.Sc., (Maths)
Vellalar College for Women
"Its very helpful to me, to know about mathematics and how to learn it. Thank you so much for our organizers."

Current Position: B.Ed.,

"This camp gave greatest understanding of mathematical basic concepts and clarity about structure of pure mathematics to me."

Current Position: M.Sc., (Maths), NIT Calicut

III year B.Sc., (Maths)
A. V. V. M. Sri Pushpam College, Thanjavur

Aaruni Kaushik
II year B.Sc., (Maths)
St. Joseph's College (Autonomous), Bangalore
"The workshop was life changing for me, as that jump started my interest in Mathematics in earnest. I also attended TPM in 2018 at the L2 level. This workshop was also of great benefit to me. The sessions bridged the gap between the kind of math that was taught in my degree college, and "serious" mathematics. The two workshops also introduced me to some very close friends."

Current Position: M.Sc., (Maths), Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

"While thinking back to the workshop, It was an amazing time that we had there in nurture. Actually, it was the starting point of my career. In your workshop only I first learned how to understand mathematics. Especially your foundation course really laid a strong foundation for me to upgrade my knowledge to this level. Of course, I cannot forget a Professor for his way of teaching, his interaction with us, and all. Also, I had got some nice friends there who were supportive of me till now. Thank You so much sir for that wonderful opportunity, and thanks a lot you treat us as your own children. You made us feel comfortable in every aspect throughout the workshop. Also, I never forget our trip to the great Ramanujan's house in Kumbakonam, and thanks for that degree coffee there. One of the main reasons for my success is You and our workshop Sir. Looking forward to another opportunity to meet and work with you, sir."

Current Position: Research scholar, NIT Karnataka

Vignesh Raja P
III year B.Sc., (Maths)
St Xavier's College, Palayamkottai

Shilpi Mandal
III year IMSc (Maths)
University of Hyderabad
"The two workshops that I attended gave me insights into subjects that I hadn’t seen before. Learning new concepts, with new peer group, new mentors and in a new environment helped me grow as an early math undergraduate student. I would not claim that I understood everything that was being taught, but I definitely tried my best and my boundaries were pushed. The encouragement & guidance that I received from the mentors has stayed with me till date. I am very grateful that such programs for mathematics enthusiasts like me still exists."

Current Position: PhD scholar, Emory University, USA

"Both the workshops I have attended were invaluable and knowledge gaining experience. I attended the first workshop during the final year of my UG and I could say that it was the turning point where I have found Mathematics to be really interesting and intriguing. I totally enjoyed and learned a lot in a comfortable environment. We got an opportunity to learn from and spend time with great professors. Their knowledge and way of teaching were amazing and inspiring as well. From them, we learned how to learn Math. When I answered a few questions during the workshop, I acquired confidence which made me the person who I am now."

Current Position: PhD scholar, NIT Tiruchirappalli

Madhumitha S
III year B.Sc., (Maths)
Vellalar College for Women, Erode

Gauree Kiran Wathodkar
IV year IMSc (Maths)
NIT, Rourkela
"I want to thank you for giving me opportunity to clear up my basics. I learnt a lot in NURTURE but i was really afraid what will happen when I will return to my college. From very first day, i decided not to write in class but i was very afraid cause way of teaching differs. Still I just followed what u said and now i write only titles and some connecting points. This take my confidence and awareness to next level. I always try to make notes after class, using class notes (connecting points) and book. I never seen myself so happy and confident in undergraduate level. I am able to learnt a lot in short time. Teachers are appreciating my way of writing and now i can feel that i think straight, in proper way, with proper terms. I cannot express in words how much I changed. I am so thankful to you to change me this way."

Current Position:

"The session altered how I felt about math classes. I developed a new level of thinking and learnt how to study and think in a mathematical style. The lectures and group discussions were really beneficial."

Current Position: PhD scholar, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Kerala

Keerthana A
II year M.Sc., (Maths)
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University, Kerala

Sundaresan P
II year B.Sc., (Maths)
Jamal Mohamed College, Trichy
"It helps to strengthen my basics in Mathematics. It was an amazing and wonderful experience. It changed my approach towards mathematics and learning in general. The teachers helped me to visualize the concepts and taught me how to approach the mathematical proofs. It improved my confidence level well enough to write the proofs without memorizing and encouraged me towards a mathematical career. I would like to acknowledge the organisers and teachers who gave me this opportunity and for their hospitality."

Current Position: Ph.D. Scholar, Pondicherry University.

"Nurture 2017 gave me an opportunity to meet many fellow participants with different skill sets. I learnt a lot from them as well as from the amazing lectures given by the professors. This workshop gave me the confidence to think differently and also made my career path smoother. Overall, it was a very well organised workshop which made me a better mathematician. "

Current Position: Doctoral Student, Hasso Plattner Institute, Potsdam, Germany

Aishwarya R
M.Phil., (Maths)
St. Joseph's College, Trichy

Favas V
II year IMSc (Maths)
Central University of Tami Nadu
"Both the camps that I attended were a great experience to learn mathematics in a better way. Especially, the first workshop that I attended was at the beginning of the 3rd year, which helped me to know how to face the bridge between the mathematics I learned before and what we face in the next year. All the resource persons were very friendly and caring and they helped a lot."

Current Position: Mathematics Teacher, Study care Education Center, Doha, Qatar

"This is the second workshop I am attending. In this workshop, I learned how to study. It was a new experience to discuss with students from other states. This workshop was very useful to know about my status in studies. Thank you so much. "

Current Position: M.Sc. (Maths)

Banupriya S
II year M.Sc., (Maths)
Sri GVG Visalakshi College for Women, Udumalpet.

Reetendra Singh
I year M.Sc., (Maths)
The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur
"It was a great learning experience with a young and talented mathematician. All the facilities had been taken care of by the Winter School and CUTN"

Current Position: PhD Scholar, IIM Visakhapatnam

"Workshop motivated me to learn the concepts clearly. Especially practical applications of matrices and geometric interpretation. Nurture also motivated me pursue research in mathematics. I was able to meet many intellectual minds from all over the nation. It was also about meeting likewise minds and sharing our thoughts. Nurture was not only attending a few math lectures and doing some math problems, but also teaches us to learn mathematics. "

Current Position: PhD scholar, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore

Joseph Nelson P
III year B.Sc., (Maths)
St. Thomas' College, Thrissur

Senthil Murugan P
I year M.Sc., (Maths)
Sadakathullah Appa College, Tirunelveli
"Eventhough I can't perform well, the workshop made some turns in Math learning Process. And it's first platform for me to know about Math knowledge people from various states. Great Thanks to that. "

Current Position: Lecturer, National Engineering College, Kovilpatti

"The workshop was very helpful for my academic career. In fact, I was introduced to the book An introduction to the theory of numbers by Ivan M. Niven which helped me later to get a publication. "

Current Position: ALGANT Masters student, Leiden University and University of Bordeaux

Sarthak Gupta
III year IMSc (Maths)
SVNIT, Surat, Gujarat

Ganapathy K
II year B.Sc., (Maths)
St.Josephs college, Trichy
"The workshop has been highly useful by giving me wide exposure to Mathematics, an opportunity to meet and be taught by great Mathematicians, and most importantly the enthusiastic co-participants with whom I still have mathematical discussions. Also, the hospitality was great. "

Current Position: PhD Scholar, IIT Madras

"It was great learning at the training, It gave me more insight on maths. Even I was not learnt the topics "

Current Position: Cyber Security Analyst, Wipro technologies

II year BSc (Maths)
Vijaya College, Mulki, Mangalore, Karnataka.

Priyanka Aroda
III year B.Sc., (Maths)
St. Xaviers college, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
"It was a great learning experience for me and have enjoyed it immensely. "

Current Position: PhD Scholar, IIT Bombay

"This workshop motivated me a lot towards understanding the basics of mathematics. I got the chance to meet many inspiring researchers during the program. Especially, the teaching methods of resource persons inspired me a lot. Thank you so much for the opportunity. "

Current Position: PhD scholar, IISER Thiruvananthapuram

Subham Nayak
IV year IMSc, (Maths)
Pondicherry University

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